Telegardar provides accomodation, conference and party venues, attractions and crafts in Hjartdal and Seljord.

If you’re looking for accommodation or a place to eat in the area Notodden, Hjartdal or Seljord – or you’re organising an event for a group and need a suitable location with good input to the itinerary, this website is a great place to find what you’re looking for!

Telegardar is an association of local business located around the «old E134» through Hjartdal, Svardal and Flatdal (FV3420). This tourist road has gotten the name Sogevegen om Nutheim. Some members of Telegardar are also located east and west of the Sogeveg. What we offer is quite unique. Key words are rural culture, mountains, livestock, cultural landscape, outdoors activities, traditional crafts and soger (stories). We accommodate individuals and families, as well as groups from businesses, organisations and private events.

We are located in central East Norway, only approximately 2,5 from Oslo by car. Around us you’ll find southern Norway’s prettiest mountains: Vindeggen in the west, Gaustatoppen up north, and Mælefjell and Skorve in the south. The area is perfect for an active outdoor life.

For booking / information, directly contact a member of Telegardar, or send an email to: You can also call Brit Merete at +4798613795 or Ruth Gunlaug at +4791392067.

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